1. GET THIS AT: XOCO 449 North Clark Street Chicago, IL

    Another trip to Chicago means another opportunity to fatten up. Not that I at all need to. Tonight we went to XOCO, Top Chef Master Rick Bayless’ wallet friendly restaurant in the River North district. It took forever to convince those I’m currently traveling with to step out of the box and visit a restaurant specializing in tortas, but I am so happy I did. The wait was a bit long, but not long enough to matter, the service was friendly and helpful even though they were packed to the gills, and the food was incredibly delicious, from the chips, guacamole and side salad, right down to the last bite of dessert. I’m not sure this spot ever has “off-hours” so do expect to spend some time in line no matter when you come, but I promise the food is so worth it, even for the culinary timid.

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    My sister brought me food from there once and it was fucking awesome. Plus, Rick Bayless is the man.
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