3. "To This Day"


  4. For The People I Know

    I hope you know

    I miss you, and I think about you, and I hope one day we can scale mountains and look at oceans and ride in cars with the music so loud we forget what problems even are. 

    Then after, while the sun sets we can talk about God and the things we did wrong and what we hope to do right from this point of our lives. This clearly marked moment when we made promises to each other and to ourselves. 

    And I hope we’ll cry, honestly, about and for and with the thoughts that hurt and those which remind us that yes, in fact, we are loved.


  5. What this morning feels like in sound.


  6. Real Talk 010

    I am in the greatest mood.

    Nothing spectacular happened, the sun isn’t shining, there’s no fan fare, but I am so, happy? No. Peaceful? That’s it. I’m peaceful.

    Today I gave myself the chance, the opportunity, to do something for me. Today I empowered myself in a very small way but now I see it had bigger effects.

    I am growing. Really growing. All of the talk about knowing my value and not disrespecting myself just became walk and to watch it happen is extraordinary. 

    I won’t let myself be unhappy and I am no longer going to give anyone else even the slightest chance to do so.

    When I said this was my year, I meant it. Today, I proved it. 


  7. Laura Mvula//Like The Morning Dew


  8. plays: 59

    Joey Ryan//Tipperary


  9. Real Talk 009

    Sometimes it is unbelievable how well He takes care of me.

    To think, two weeks ago I had no job, no money, and no real place to live. My vagabond lifestyle had finally caught up with me. But I paid that tithe and He showed Himself and I believed Him.

    When I asked for things I didn’t make any compromises and He listened. I’m doing work I actually enjoy and it’s placed me on a proper career path, and I am making money doing it. I have shelter and I have grown closer to my family members. My Nana is legitimately the most perfect specimen to have ever walked this earth. Although my Mom is as well, so I suppose they can share that glory. 

    There’s no room for worry. I am happy and comfortable and more than any of that I am at peace. 

    The very hairs of your head are numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more…

    Luke 12:7


  10. This is the only cover of this wonderful song I think is actually worth giving a listen.